Deriving itself from a select branch of human genome sequencing, crispr is one of those breakthrough technologies that unshackle a selected breed. In our case this selected breed is molecular biologists. Poised to fight many human ailments crispr is at the forefront of the intersection between tech and biology. I could even draw a venn diagram for you.

As you’re standing in the park a beagle runs past you. In your head you think “Oh a dog”. How does your conscious brain recognize this animal to be a dog apart from a deer, plant or wolf. While seeming to be a biological process of understanding animals, this is a computer science question of how image classification is asserted down into a coherent syllable: “dog”. This concept of categorization has puzzled computer scientists for decades. A simpler approach and a way to build the fundamentals of machine learning is to peer inside the cognitive process of numeral recognition. Looking…

It was early summer 2018 when a group of pioneers came from Saratoga with a new invention: a miniaturized GPU small enough to be embedded inside of contact lens. The only problem is, what are we looking at? Where does it come from? Well, it has to be coded. What if it doesn’t? Maybe hack Bitcoin to make miners code it. Or don’t.

In GPU’s we find a device that once seemed as though its only purpose would be incrementing a nonce on Bitcoin. However, it’s now becoming center stage on how in-depth graphics are processed in real time. I’ll…

Signal may be the creepiest sounding thing we have ever encountered. An app claiming to record dreams and immediately upload them to the internet. While the paranoia around Signal has died down, there are still many left clueless. There have been many hoaxes and fuckery as people claim others are number #1 in the world only to find out they’re on the wrong end of a practical joke. But, how on Earth would an application running on a smart phone be capable of saving the thought process? This has been a question bothering me since I first heard of the…

Blockchain is the most promising information technology of the twenty-first century thus far. With it, comes the power to keep and store records in a systematic way. In doing so, blockchain promises to create advancements in banking, data analytics and informatics. The power of a decentralized ledger lies in its ability to function as a permission-less, honest, upgradeable system. Since the dawn of blockchain in 2008, more and more companies and offices are having the discussion on how to incorporate blockchain technology into their workplace. Not every business needs a blockchain, but those that value accounting and a secure store…

By now I’m sure you have heard the phrases Proof-of-Work and Crypto-Economics. In this paper, I’ll cover how P-o-W secures an individual network for thousands of participants running full nodes. I’ll also showcase the flaws in using a nonce to iterate hashes and how this method can be improved. These powerful ideas are fundamental in understanding the benefits that Crypto-Economics has to offer. Without mining there is no Bitcoin. We rely heavily on miners to secure payments and add new blocks to the longest chain.

(Miners racing to produce the next block)

As of now Bitcoin works like a 777 slot machine. Every hashed block submitted is…

For the dawn of two millennia man has fallen into war and sought blood-shed in forefronts… forefronts seen as protection and liberty(we’ll let this slide). At this turn however,we as a species no longer fear such barbaric notions, Rather we fear lack of accountability and Self-sovereign identity. Here, at lines in personalized identity, man seeks refuge from the vast powers beyond him.

Yet computer science and the right to unshackle one’s self is not too far off. Never is one nation a suiting case study, especially in terms set at individual coordination - We can draw analogues, from early stoics…

Starting from the roots of education there is a fundamental flaw in the desertion regarding KIDS and NUTRITION… ok maybe notso important. Well at least that is how most modern day Americans view it. A shamble of carrots here and a handful of mashed potatoes on the plate a meal’s a meal right? The barebones of education has a seat right in the middle of food fights and caricatures; the lunch table. A dreaded sight for some and a dream for the few with a drive to cultivate. Going the extra mile to transform one’s dish from a bushy pile…

In this article I attempt to lay out a blueprint for a new approach to organizational thinking — Decentralized Altruistic Communities

These communities take on a new approach for light-weighted projects that do not require the overwhelming burden of a corporate overhead

Time after time we see small business and local retailers fail to meets ends needs while trying to juggling services and meet quarterly returns, herein a new form of communication takes shape to ease the tension between leaders


‘Take back your freedom to organize’

With an approach similar to Slack and Air-table, Aragon is the first example…

Reverse engineering block propagation

  1. Target Hash is based on a recurrently adjusted difficulty. For, example the TH is a 256-bit string with 17 leading zeros.
  2. The hash can be interpreted as follows SHA_256(SHA_256(Block_Header, n). Where n is the field of bits known as the nonce.
  3. Increment n if H < TH

“Because the nonce is only 32 bits, after exhausting all the nonce possibilities (about 4 billion), the mining hardware changes the block header (adjusting the coinbase extra nonce space or timestamp) and resets the nonce counter, testing new combinations.”

Frank Doherty

Bringing to light the question of what it means to be human in a time that is waving on an open road .

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