For the dawn of two millennia man has fallen into war and sought blood-shed in forefronts… forefronts seen as protection and liberty(we’ll let this slide). At this turn however,we as a species no longer fear such barbaric notions, Rather we fear lack of accountability and Self-sovereign identity. Here, at lines in personalized identity, man seeks refuge from the vast powers beyond him.

Yet computer science and the right to unshackle one’s self is not too far off. Never is one nation a suiting case study, especially in terms set at individual coordination - We can draw analogues, from early stoics (Buddhism & Hinduism Philosophy) only to conclude they took a wild turn. These once peaceful tribes now see emerging surveillance states sprouting, countering the core philosophy from which it was built. Those who helped build peace and faith as pillars in China and Indonesia left a burdensome world to modern man. In communities a small, leaders have reached so far in public health only to see it be toppled. Be toppled by that of —

Our story sits at the beginnings with Confucius.. Confucius and his teachings of what it means to be human. Here, our amounts a glacier unseen knowledge bestowed from individual to individual on the heart of the Tibetan Mountains. One philosopher and his quest to understand the nature of self… a winding path, seemingly endless.

A question as old as time itself, one gazing upon the heights not of his own and walking in the shoes — Philosophers to ask where this may lead. Never has one faced a daunting challenge on par with coming to terms of his own. A bug of the mind, a valley with no trough, the common man dozed at the sound of white. As for those who are walking along as my fingers churn, this amish typewriter makes me call into question my own. Who is it that knows the mountain within his eye, the standing man and the mountain are as both akin to one another as they are to the Earth. The ground beneath his feet are as real as the thoughts that dwell and yet ; Yet we do not recognize that for every child and woman roaming the streets in Tibet today, there have been a thousand more to come before.

In hope of peace, seeking the dream they desire.. and questioning what turns Earth; they turn the one to their right. And now to say to us! That we as a people, must be tiered into facets of unnatural bounds, bringing about that very question, and where the answer lies . well i do not know

Bringing to light the question of what it means to be human in a time that is waving on an open road .

Bringing to light the question of what it means to be human in a time that is waving on an open road .