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  • adChain


    The new blockchain based protocol for the advertising industry brought to you by @metaxchain. Related stories now live on https://medium.com/metax-publication!

  • Edward A Thomson

    Edward A Thomson

    Blockchain, Gaming, Web 3. (previously: https://web3.foundation)

  • DeanMachine


    Dean Pappas | Building Grape on Solana | Ex Marlin, Ethereum Classic, Zel, Taucoin | Ex GM at Zeta Global | Hearthstone and MTG

  • George M. Church

    George M. Church

    Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard-MIT.

  • Charlie Thompson

    Charlie Thompson

  • Arjun Balaji

    Arjun Balaji

    professional risk taker. enjoy: markets, watches, meta-twitter, and documentaries. open-sourcing my thinking

  • David Vorick

    David Vorick

  • Jinglan Wang

    Jinglan Wang

    @jinglanW | Tryna learn.

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