Signal: Why we shouldn’t be scared

Signal may be the creepiest sounding thing we have ever encountered. An app claiming to record dreams and immediately upload them to the internet. While the paranoia around Signal has died down, there are still many left clueless. There have been many hoaxes and fuckery as people claim others are number #1 in the world only to find out they’re on the wrong end of a practical joke. But, how on Earth would an application running on a smart phone be capable of saving the thought process? This has been a question bothering me since I first heard of the thing early 2020. It sounds as though there may be potential, imagine having highlights of Watt on a Wooly Mammoth and Klee balling on negative energy density for warp drives. Imagine how simple it could’ve been if Signal spread as something that allows you to save and post the highlights of your day instead of this disgusting idea that everything you do and think of is being recorded by some centralized application controlled by unknowns?

As families grow people learn new unique features of one another that distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. This allows humans to make jokes, create ideas and form art. The evolution of memory is a long one and began all the way back at the dawn of caveman. Yeah kinda weird not only cavemen have memory but every animal, every insect and every toad has this amazing capability to find the happiest moments in life and travel. This is how families live, they continue on going to the happiest parts of life and build a home not only through wood and steel, but with imagination and memory. “Dennet”. All we desire is that our families stay safe and we continue on making the best of our lives.

Yet, there is tech to be excited about. The true path of the future that now seems inevitable to me is BMI’s. A Brain Machine Interface holds the key to the future of medicine for paraplegics and also unlocks that ability to save the thought process. We don’t actually get one installed, that’s creepier than recording dreams, but all we have to do is be “with” someone who has one and the world of play is in our hands. The cool medicinal part is that it restores the ability to walk. What happens is that threads extending from the hardware of the machine into the brain allows electrical currents to be sent through the spinal chord and into the lymphatic system of the legs. This means people who haven’t been able to walk for 15 years can now play basketball, hug their grandmother and go for a swim “An integrated brain-machine interface”. Once the machine is installed things get strange, we now have the ability to save memories, make movies, code in CGI, edit all this and upload our masterpiece to Youtube. This means movies, video games and CGI are all accessible in this new dimension within the mind and the coolest part of it is you don’t even have to install one, as long as you’re with someone who has one you can share in the language and use your thought process to build the reality you want to see in this mindscape (shoutout Runescape pun). Overall, there is no reason to be scared, safety regulations are being written into the protocol layer of the hardware as we speak and I guarantee you there will be editing software.

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